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Tham & Videgård: Double Helix Tower, Sweden

In May 2011 Tham & Videgård won the competiton for their vision for a new landmark and observation tower for the new urban development Barkarbystaden in the municipality of Järfälla, west of Stockholm. Based on the principle of a double helix spiral, the tower stands out as a graphic geometric silhouette against the flat landscape and the sky. The structure is stabilized by a transparent outer skin made of steel wires and the two interlocking stairs are painted in two shades of red colour (Swedish faluröd). Light will complement the colourscheme at night. The site is next to both the E18 highway and the commuting trains from central Stockholm.

 A landscaped out door Infocenter is planned for the site presenting the urban plan and ongoing development of Barkarbystaden visible from the observation deck. The double stairs allow for different groups to move independently up and down the tower. The tower is built through out in massive wood within the logic of a timber construction, making it possible to demount and reuse again after the twentyfive years planned for establishing the new Barkarbystaden. Then the landmark tower will have a second life as part of parks and playgrounds in the new urban area.


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