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Graffiti Research Lab: blitzTag. Berlin

The Graffiti Research Lab’s latest project is a performance with temporary laser graffiti. blitzTag sees light / paint beamed onto a city canvas / wall, via laser / spray paint that allows artists and graffers to create projected light murals.

Powered by a Mobile Broadcast Unit  or Light Rider – a mobile, laser graffiti painter on wheels that allows guerilla projection bombing free of constraintThis is a Copenhagen-style, front-loaded cargo bike, outfitted with a deep cycle battery, power inverter, beamer, laptop, camera, and sound system with fm transmission

“We take the interactive installations and creative applications out of the dark exhibition rooms and fancy museums and present them in public space, giving everyday people the tools and possibilities to publicly create their own art, to voice their opinions, to express themselves … basically GRL is what you make out of it, whether you create a tool or use tools others created, you’re part of the community and you’re actively doing something- creating art and presenting it outside, reclaiming the public space.”

Image: Yo, A blitzTag projection by the Graffiti Research Lab

Video of BlitzTag:


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