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Vista Projects: Futurescope

Futurescope is a two year-long sequential outdoor exhibition of eight massive photographs’ on the Lingfield Point power plant building facing the A66 in Darlington. The project is intended to catalyse a ‘Cultural, Arts and Ecological Strategy’ for Marchday at Lingfield Point, and to inform long term thinking for the site. Put simply Futurescope is about how we envisage that Lingfield Point could be populated. It is about the future and not the past predicated on the idea that we want to develop a relationship and share our creative vision for urban brown field landscape.

The images will be changed with the seasons and will explore the possibilities of the site and its working environment in cultural and ecological terms. They will be selected/made during the life of the project (not predetermined) and respond to developments on site. The images will be cultural and ecological ‘propaganda’ about Lingfield Point intended to be visible to a wide cross section of Darlington’s residents and visitors.

‘Potato’ was unveiled on June 2nd 2011. “we agonised over two finally choosing this picture of Darlington resident Judith Ithurralde. Judith is slightly out of focus but the soil is really sharp and we liked the way in which this moved her into the background of the picture. Judith had brought seed potatoes to plant in her raised bed in an egg box and when we looked at the photograph seemed to be handling them as if they were as fragile as eggs. It’s important to us that the images are about the place and the activity and not about the people in them. The potato is so small but it’s at the heart of the picture. The sharp focus is on the soil which is heavy clay that the allotment holders have to work hard to improve. It was deposited there when Lingfield point was constructed in the late 1940’s.”

“So again why ‘Potato’? Firstly we wanted to give some profile and exposure to the related allotment project. We have always had the idea that the images could develop and respond to what goes on at Lingfield and show on the outside of the site what is going on at the moment. There is a propagandist element to the project and it is important to us to promote and encourage this activity. More people could join and do this and we felt that the image would ‘promote the project’.” Christian Barnes

Futurescope was short-listed for the Arts and Business, Bruntwood and Arup Environmental Partnership Award in 2011. The concept was devised by Christian Barnes of Vista Projects and is delivered as a creative collaboration with John Kennedy. Vista projects manages the programme.

Images: 1. Potato. 2. Lingfield Lamb.



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