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greyworld: In the City + the greyworld Tail

greyworld’s new book, In The City, tells the story of a little girl living in a magical city, where railings are tuned, carpets make music, the benches come over when you whistle to them, and life has unexpected joys. The second part of the book reveals that each of these ideas are actually installations greyworld have built, created somewhere in the world. The final section has speeches, transcripts and an essay by Dr. Charlie Gere about the artists.

If you purchase a greyworld Tail – the first 20 are numbered and includes a copy of In the City.

Created as a wearable sculpture in 2006, greyworld’s Tail is 62cm long (24″) plus tufty end and comes in Panther (Black) Snow Leopard (Black and White) Lion(ess) (Beige) and Bond Villain Cat (White) Each tail comes in a special bag, complete with a Tail Grooming Kit and care instructions. Clipping on to your belt or waistband, the Tail has many settings, selected by turning a switch in your pocket. Use a glorious mix of all of them for full Tail expressivity. Moves include slow / fast wag, standing up, tremble, shy, twist and many more.

Founded by Andrew Shoben in 1993, greyworld is an artists’ collective that create art in public spaces through installation, sculpture and multiples. Their primary objective is to create public art that involves the human in an urban context. greyworld have permanent installations in twelve countries.

The illustrated book In the City is 64 pages hardback. Publisher: greyworld publishing.  ISBN 9780956397003. Cost: £19.95

For a partial preview and to order a copy visit…


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One thought on “greyworld: In the City + the greyworld Tail

  1. Love it!

    Posted by Sam Clarke | July 5, 2011, 3:58 pm

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