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Sans façon – Limelight: Saturday night

Limelight: Saturday night is live public art installation and video work by Glasgow based arts practice Sans façon, formed in 2001 as a collaborative art practice between a British artist, Tristan Surtees and French architect, Charles Blanc. The simple intervention replaces two streetlights with theatre spotlights instantly transforming the street into a stage and passers-by into performers, somewhere between spectacle and surveillance. This intentionally subtle alteration to street lighting suggests the latent potential of public realm as places of interaction and offers an alternative approach to city’s lighting as more than securitarian.

“The spotlight attracted the young and the old, solo performers and couples, family groups and folks out for a night on the town. Some avoided the limelight, slinking around its edge like jail breakers avoiding the watchtowers light, whilst others bathed in it whole-heartedly. Performances have been spontaneous, surprising, and often quite touching. They ranged from the hilarious, the tipsy, the tender and the skilful but above all the romantics hogged the limelight. Displays included all manner of dance moves, from graceful stag leaps to the robot dance, serenades and passionate canoodling. For some it was simply enough to stand basking in the warmth of the lights whilst other needed to display their physical strength and sporting prowess.”

In 2010 in six cities across the UK and America, sidewalks were turned into impromptu stages by turning street lights into theatre spotlights. With its first African venue in 2011 in Gaborone, Botswana, Limelight: Saturday night  tours to 6 cities this year: Toronto (Canada), Istanbul (Turkey), Berlin (Germany), Miami (USA), Prague (Czech Republic), Frankfurt (Germany) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Contact Sans façon to invite Limelight: Saturday night to visit your city.




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