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Christopher Janney: Sonic Forest ’11’ at Glastonbury

Christopher Janney’s Sonic Forest will be at The Glastonbury Music Festival in the UK from June 22-26.  The latest  incarnation of Janney’s “Urban Musical Instruments”, this new version of Sonic Forest consists of 16 cylindrical aluminum columns, 8 feet tall by 10 feet in diameter. Each column contains photo-sensors, new “low-rider” JBL audio speakers, computer-controlled full-colour LED lights and star-strobes. By strolling among the columns and touching them, people activate the lights and an ever-changing “sound-score” of melodic tones, environmental sounds and rhythmic loops/drones created in real time with the latest Ableton 8 software. A “ghost in the machine” will trigger the installation at random moments. To provide an added level of interaction, the work also incorporates a RIDDLE. The answer to the riddle tells of a specific path through the columns which, when performed, unlocks a special Sonic Forest “dance” of light and sound.

This version of Sonic Forest is designed to create exotic immersive sound images.  Everyone who passes through calls up their own musical oasis and spontaneous drum jams in the early morning hours are encouraged.


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