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Jochen Gerz: 2-3 Straßen TEXT & 2-3 Straßen MAKING OF

The books 2-3 Straßen TEXT and 2-3 Straßen MAKING OF are the result of 2-3 Streets. An exhibition in Cities of the Ruhr by Jochen Gerz in 2010. In 2-3 Streets, 887 authors wrote a book together over the course of one year. New creatives and old residents, guests, passers-by and visitors to the streets – people from all walks of life took to writing. Over 10.000 contributions tell a story in 16 languages in 3.000 pages. However, their united potential does not result in any event, but in greater curiosity in society. This social creative potential is exactly what Jochen Gerz calls “public authorship”.

What becomes of culture, economics and urban development in cultural society? Leading to the answer is the observation that post-industrial society is not changing thanks to art – an avant-garde or contemporary art – but that it is, as a whole, dissolving towards culture. Of course, art plays its part here. According to the concept of 2-3 Streets, society does not move thanks to a certain culture, but the whole of society moves “into culture”. It becomes cultural.

“Writing is overcoming emptiness and thus is the epitome of change” (Ralf Georg Czapla). Each author immerses himself alone in the bodiless digital world; the empty page, and no one knows what the others are writing. Once the text is sent, it disappears into a digital archive. “Of course, not every writer turns into a Marcel Proust. The important thing is that the whole of society produced this text” (Ruedi Jörg-Fromm). The result of the work of so many people is a book which has no precedent – created in a way that no other book has ever been created. This book wrote itself.

An intoxicating text that closely combines triviality with philosophy, world-shattering ideas with everyday banalities – and develops its very own irresistible force from the first sentence on. What a start, what a promise! Dive into it, read it, allow yourself to be carried away on this stream of life. Stefan Brams, Neue Westfälische, 09.03.2011 / Courrier International 28.04.2011

Writing in company is an interesting symptom that foreshadows a great development of authorship. Maybe we will write as one some day, think and act; whole communities, even nations will undertake a single work togetherNovalis 1837

If Ulysses provides a portrait of a city and certain of its inhabitants on one day, 2-3 Streets aims for a portrait of a year in the lives of the inhabitants of several cities, a reflection of their activities and feelings, of the texture of the time and places. Aidan Dunne, Irish Times, 09.11.2010 / Courrier International, 28.04.2011  

A book that brings together different points of view, different styles of writing, different experiences, in the end unifying different voices in one choir, reporting on a life in extracts, of what can only be told by a community in such a multifaceted form. Christina Irrgang, Badische Neueste Nachrichten, 16.09.2010

2-3 Straßen TEXT
2-3 Straßen MAKING OF

Two books in a slipcase
Size 16 x 24 cm
3.000 + 240 pages
published by DUMONT
supported by Kunststiftung and the land NRW

Order now for € 86,00:

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