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Michael Craig-Martin: New Art Centre

Michael Craig-Martin is best known for using subjects drawn from ordinary life which he portrays using a mechanical line, without inflection or any sense of the artist’s own hand. He has developed a vast vocabulary of familiar images and, with what he calls his ‘universal language’, he uses ‘simple things to describe very complex ideas’ about form and purpose. With his characteristic economy of means, Craig-Martin’s new paintings and sculptures for the exhibition at the New Centre include a series of new paintings that focus on mundane items combined with everyday words.
 The sculptures in the park include functional objects – umbrellas, a hammer and a gate.

New Art Centre, Roche Court, East Winterslow, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 1BG



Gate (White), 2011, powder coated steel)

Umbrella (Blue), 2011.Powder coated steel. 300 x 350 x 2 cm / 9ft 7 x 8ft 4 x 13/16 ins

Umbrella (Orange), 2011.Powder coated steel. 300 x 350 x 2 cm / 9ft 7 x 8ft 4 x 13/16 ins

Untitled, 2007. Etched glass panel. 204 x 230 x 1.4 cm / 6ft 7 x 7ft 5 x ½ ins

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