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Walker & Bromwich: The Conch

Walker & Bromwich are interested in arts potential to act as a catalyst for social and political transformation. At the heart of their work is the pursuit of an ideal and the question: ‘is it possible for art, and more particularly their practice, to provide practical, aesthetic and poetic solutions to social political and environmental problems?

The Conch [sound studio] is a travelling structure – part caravan, part shell, part ark – gathering people’s hopes and fears for the future, questing for a change in consciousness. Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich’s latest work in the cycle ‘Searching for a Change of Consciousness’ tunes into the thoughts of communities on the brink of transformation. The Conch will be travelling to diverse and remote communities in the Scottish Highlands, throughout 2011 to record an archive of grass-roots ideas that narrate the changing nature of society in the face of environmental challenges, forecasting the future amid a climate of fear and uncertainty. Whether this is apocalyptic thinking or positivist transformation, the anxieties of change and survival strategies towards a new world order will be whispered within its walls.

Walker & Bromwich explore the space between what exists and what is possible. Within this liminal space they create objects and situations that lead audiences on transformative experiences inviting them to consider an ‘other’ way of being. Participants in their work are asked to examine their relationship to the environment they inhabit and reflect on a larger global situation.

In April they visited Thurso and Scrabster Harbours on the northern coast of Scotland and Findhorn, Morayshire and further dates to be announced throughout the summer.
Commissioned by IOTA  for The Highland Council and funded by the Highland Arts Partnership through Creative Scotland Rural Innovation Fund. Walker & Neil Bromwich are prepresented by Pippy Houldsworth Gallery London http://www.houldsworth.co.uk


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    I like the idea and reality of a mobile structure with a bit of a purpose.

    Posted by rosiegibson | August 29, 2012, 6:12 pm

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