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Musarc: exploring the relationship between architecture and sound

The composer Jessica Curry is working with the Musarc choir to create a collaborative work in 2011. Musarc was selected as one of six ensembles for the 2010/11 PRS for Music FoundationSound and Music and Making Music’s ‘Adopt a composer’ scheme that pairs amateur choirs, orchestras, and ensembles with a composer for one year. Composers have the opportunity to get to know a performing group and write a piece especially for them to premiere. Ensembles have the chance to contribute to the creation of a new work by some of the UK’s most promising composers.

Jessica Curry is a composer for games, virtual worlds and unusual real-world spaces. Her work incorporates traditional orchestration fused with samples, loops and digital technology.  Her compositions mix an urban, modern edge with a haunting and ephemeral yearning – one which is deeply embedded in the very particular spirit of English classical music.

Musarc is a research and event platform based at the Department of Architecture and Spatial Design, London Metropolitan University, exploring the relationship between architecture and sound. It provides an environment for architects to engage with sound not just as an acoustic phenomenon but as a tool for research and a means to engage with places. For composers and artists, Musarc offers an opportunity to develop new work in this context and collaborate with architects and designers to realise their ideas.

The choir, founded in November 2008, has attracted architects, students, academics, journalists and friends and rehearses every week in the architecture school. It works on a broad repertoire, with choirleader Cathy Heller-Jones, including traditional choral works as well as contemporary music and challenging work exploring uncharted territory in music and performance. It collaborates with composers and artists who create new work for the ensemble and provides a forum for discussion where people can meet with new ideas. The question of how sound, music and space interact is central to the choir’s work.

Rehearsals on Tuesday evenings. 6.30pm–8.45pm at ASD, London Metropolitan University, 40–44 Holloway Road, London N7

Summer Concert: Saturday 2 July 2011



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