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Installation: Glass by Kirsty Brooks / Bauman Lyons Architects. Bridlington, Yorkshire

David Hockney  is currently a resident of Bridlington. Seeking new aesthetic challenges to the dramatic landscapes of California he is instead investigating the subtler Yorkshire landskips of Garrowby Hill and Warter. He has also been critical of the changes in the Spa Environs plan which is remodelling the traditional principles of the Edwardian seafront of 1907. Hopefully, however, an opportunity may still present itself to invite the great man to enhance the space with  something pictorial to share with the residents and tourists of Bridlington Spa.

But prior to that, in September 2010, an interesting kinetic viewing experience in the form of a series of eight external glass screens, designed by Kirsty Brooks, a glass artist, in collaboration with Bauman Lyons Architects were installed along the seafront. Each panel shows a detail from the local environment expressed in subtle colours that are almost but not quite transparent. The panels are made up of two layers of glass laminated together with an image both inside and outside the laminate that create movement for the eye to do.

The eight screens are part of a refurbished park (with trees still to be planted) on the seafront at Bridlington Spa overlooking the North Sea where invigorating pleasure can be had enjoying the sun and other varied elements of the Yorkshire Riviera. Designs by Kirsty Brooks with Bauman Lyons Architects, and created by Andrew Moor Associates.

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One thought on “Installation: Glass by Kirsty Brooks / Bauman Lyons Architects. Bridlington, Yorkshire

  1. On behalf of Andrew Moor, thanks very much for featuring the Bridlington Spa glass screens on your blog. Best wishes.

    Posted by Paul Stradling | December 15, 2010, 11:48 am

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