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Competition: Urbancanvas Design – New York City


The urbancanvas Design Competition is an innovative way to take construction sites and develop them into beautiful artwork that celebrates New York City’s identity by challenging professional artists and designers to create artwork that can be installed on construction fences, sidewalk sheds, supported scaffolds and cocoon systems, which are used to protect the public during the construction process

A public vote will decide the winner of the competition. Until October 1, the public can visit and vote at http://www.nyc.gov/urbancanvas. Up to four winning designs will be awarded a prize of $7,500 courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation’s grant to the Mayor’s Fund.

Following this, the Department of Buildings will launch the urbancanvas Pilot Program. Under the Pilot Program, property owners, contractors and businesses will be invited to select one of the winning designs and install it on temporary protective structures located on or over City-owned property. Eligible participants will have the option of placing a pictorial rendering of the exterior of the project being built on the temporary protective structures in lieu of artwork. Selected designs will be allowed to include the name of one art sponsor displayed in accordance with the Pilot Program specifications.

Selected from more than 100 design submissions, the eight finalists are:

“Breathing_Wall_UC,” by Monika Bravo; “Bang,” by Jiyoun Lee-Lodge; Color Mesh,” by Mauricio Lopez with Jesse T. Ross; “My Urban Sky,” by Jen Magathan; “Untitled,” by Jordan Seiler; “…of Special Concern,” by Chris Shelley; “Green Screen,” by Corinne Ulmann; “JazzLine,” by Philip Michael Wolfson with Chris Ridout and Maxim Nilov.

Susanna Sirefman of Dovetail Design Strategists is the competition advisor.

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